TCC MDP Clients

Tucson City Court - MDP

Monitored Diversion Program Successful Hints

Welcome to the Center for Life Skills Monitored Diversion Program. By accepting your plea or judgment today in court, you have agreed to complete the following conditions and need to follow these steps in order to be in compliance with the court.

What to do next, after your court date and Monitored Diversion acceptance:

  1. Come to our office within 1 BUSINESS DAY to register, pay fees, and schedule an intake; MAKE SURE TO BRING YOUR COURT PAPERWORK, A PHOTO ID AND PAYMENT. (in the form of Cash, Credit, or Debit)
  2. Attend the scheduled intake appointment.
  3. Attend weekly groups and monthly monitoring appointments.

You are responsible for these fees which include:

  1. $150 Tucson City Court Fee
  2. $65 One time Intake Fee
  3. $30 Weekly Class Fee
  4. $45 Monthly Monitoring Fee
  5. $45 Discharge Success Plan Meeting Fee
  6. Any Jail Fee that may apply!
  7. Any Restitution that may apply!


3131 N. Country Club Rd #100     
Tucson, AZ 85716         


M-TH 9am to 4pm                      

Friday 9am to 4pm                

Sat. & Sun. CLOSED     


If you attend group as scheduled, comply with the terms of your plea, and pay your fees; you will likely complete the Monitored Diversion Program early. Once you complete counseling and attend a discharge evaluation, completion documents will be sent, on your behalf to the court. If you fail to comply with the orders of the court, a Non-Compliance will be issued.